Jeans for Real Women

Posted by barb on Aug 9, 2007 in Random Thoughts |

Sweetie and I spent the day playing, and our first stop was to Lane Bryant. Why LB? Certainly there are LBs at home, and I don’t need to pick up more clothes here. But, Sweetie had heard about a new line of jeans at LB that are made for real women. According to this article, LB invited women in to their stores to be scanned to determine how real women are built.

You see, men’s jeans are based on two measurements – waist and length. This works because a man’s waist and hips are pretty much the same size. Women’s jeans, however, are based on sizing determined by studying women in the 1940s. But, our pants have always been based on one number (sometimes a length is included, but only three choices – tall, regular and petite). But this rarely works well for women. For one thing, women have hips. Oh, and not all of us have the same proportion of hip-to-waist measurement. Odd how clothing manufacturers haven’t figured that out.

The new LB jeans are an attempt to rectify the situation. They have three types of fits that account for different amounts of “curvy-ness”. Certainly, LB is not the first to try different fits for women. A couple of years ago Eddie Bauer introduced different fits. However, I have yet to try EB pants, because the ones that would work for me have not come in styles that I would actually wear.

I haven’t worn my new LB jeans yet, but they seemed to fit pretty well in the store. I’ll update when I’ve tried them for a bit.


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