Safari: Chobe Day 4

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We had time for one more morning drive though Chobe before we had to catch our plane to our next camp. So, we set out after a quick breakfast.

The day started out much more promising than our nearly fruitless quest yesterday for elephants – when first thing we found a family.

Morning elephants

And further into the park, we found a herd of kudu.

Morning kudu

And a trio of giraffees



The trend of more and more impala babies continued, too.

Impala and baby

We saw something new – some banded mongoose:
Banded mongoose

Down another road, we found this guy just hanging out – resting his neck in the crook of a tree.

Giraffe in a tree

Giraffe in a tree

Mike, our guide, was a little concerned that he might be stuck, but when we got a little closer, he dislodged and moved on. Sorry guy! Didn’t mean to disturb your rest.

Goodbye giraffe

And then…and THEN…we turned another corner, and our guide spied this:

Newborn impala

A newborn impala. And by “newborn”, I mean a few minutes old. We parked, waited, and watched – hoping to catch this baby’s first steps.

Newborn impala

Newborn impala

Newborn impala

Newborn impala

Until finally it made steps toward mama.

Newborn impala

It tried to nurse, but mama seemed to be a bit new at the whole thing, too. She stepped away the first few times, cleaning baby. Eventually baby got in a few drinks, and we headed off.

We took the long way out of the park, on one last quest for elephants, which paid off big.


Including this little one:

Silly Baby elephant

Silly Baby Elephant

And we looked over the river and saw this:

Elephants at the river

So many elephants!

Finally, we had to get to the airport to catch our flight to our next camp. But on the way, we spied one last treat – a pile of sleeping wild dogs.

Pack of wild dogs

And then Mike dropped us at the Kasane airport – leaving us with one of the agents who walked us through catching our flight.



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