Safari Sunday: “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas…only a hippopotamus will do…”

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It’s Christmas and #SafariSunday, what could be better than a hippo picture? How about a *baby* hippo picture??

On our first river cruise, we quickly learned to expect amazing things. Before we’d been out on the boat even 15 minutes our guide spied this little hippo eating grass on a small rock outcropping. We kept a respectful distance, acutely aware that Mama was watching us the entire time. Before too long, she hopped back in the river and spied at us from behind Mama. (I don’t know that the baby is a girl, but just decided it was a girl – I do that a lot with the babies we saw on this trip.)

The baby is about 4 months old. The moms keep the babies away from the rest of the pod for the first six months or so. These two were still separated. Fun fact that the guide told us: baby hippos can nurse underwater.


Baby hippo on the rocks

Baby peeking over mama

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