Safari Sunday: Young lion waking up

Posted by barb on Jan 15, 2017 in Recreation, Travels |

This young lion is waking up from a nap, ready to eat more of the young water buffalo that she and her pride had felled earlier in the day. We came across all of them sprawled out, napping and panting. The guide suggested waiting around to see if they went back to the carcass (which we found just down the road). The guide told us that after a lion pride makes a kill, they will gorge themselves, then nap/pant for hours while they digest, then return to the carcass (if there’s still more) to eat more. Sure enough, after a time, the two young lions got the munchies, woke, stretched, and tried to rouse the adults. Then they headed back to the carcass and we watched them feed. The adults followed a short time later.

I'm so fierce!


Hungry again

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