SafariSunday: hyena pups and their mama

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In these pictures there are two cubs – one “kissing” mama and the other nursing. Hyenas live in packs, but the pregnant females peel off from the pack when they are close to giving birth and form a den where they raise the cubs for about a year.

On our last evening drive in Pom Pom, one of our truck-mates declared that he had had enough lions, and that our guides should try to find us something else. He did not consult us, of course, because there is no such thing as too many lions. However, our guides were up to the task, and we had a great drive even without lions.

First we found a couple of baby giraffes who were hiding in a groves of trees where their mamas had left them for the day. We weren’t able to get pictures because the babies were fairly shy – which is a good survival trait!

The guides then headed toward where they had seen previously seen female hyenas and suspected their baby den might be nearby. Have I mentioned that the guides seem to work magic? They spotted a hyena cub from further away than I could have made it out, and drove us straight over.

Hyena cubs and mama

Hyena cubs and mama

Hyena cubs and mama

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