Safari Sunday: who needs Shark Week when you have crocodiles?

Posted by barb on Jul 20, 2017 in Pictures, Recreation, Travels |

On our boat cruise on the Chobe River, we spied crocodiles eating *something* down the river. It wasn’t until we got close that we realized it was an elephant’s trunk. (Which explained the elephant carcass we saw without a trunk up the river – phew, stinky!) It was fascinating to watch them eat – there were at least 5 crocodiles going at it, and at one point one tried to make a break with the trunk. The others were fast on his heels, though.

We moved on down the river, and on our way back, spied these crocs again, still going at it.

Crocodiles eating a trunk

Splashing crocs

Splashing crocs

Hello crocodile

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