Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

Posted by barb on May 6, 2006 in Crafty Me, Pictures

Today is National Scrapbooking Day. To celebrate, my local scrapbook store, Scrapbooks Plus, was offering 20% off perchases made between noon and 4 PM – fortuantely, I didn’t realize that until I was already in line with my purchases.

My own celebration consisted of (besides buying more supplies) finishing my Rome pages and starting my Cyprus pages. Here are today’s results:

Rome Intro spread:
Rome intro spread - right  Rome intro spread - left

Cyprus Intro spread:
Cyprus intro spread - right  Cyprus intro spread - left

Did anyone else out there celebrate?



Random Notes

Posted by barb on Apr 27, 2006 in Random Thoughts
  • I saw the coolest company name this morning on my way to work: Cleany Boppers. I don’t know what they do, and I can’t say they’re any good at it, but clever name!
  • Tried the new Diet Dr. Pepper Berries and Cream this morning. It was good, very berry-y, but almost too sweet.
  • The ads I see while watching TV tell me that I don’t watch the most sophisticated shows. (Car title loans, “your job is your credit” car dealer, we-take-anyone insurance, if-you’ve-been-injured-then-sue law firms, payday loans)
  • Is it just me, or are car manufacturers making blinkers really hard to turn on? My car seems fine, but a least half the cars I encounter on my way to work seem to have trouble with it.
  • It looks like I’ll be back up to half-time soon – someone at work looked for money to pay me to work on E/PO, and found some! Yay!
  • Ares has been in violation of House Ordinance 0001-A, which states that “no kitten shall display his or her tumbly in the house except when cleaning his- or herself.” I’ve had to take drastic measures; namely, petting him to within an inch of his tiny self.
  • Why do all of the animated movies coming out in the next couple months look completely uninteresting? Does Disney or Pixar not take pride anymore to produce quality stories along with their quality animation?
  • The sudden car crash interrupting a random conversation is now officially cliche.
  • I’ve officially become addicted to scrapping. There, I’ve said it.

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Scrappin’ at Sandy’s

Posted by barb on Apr 24, 2006 in Crafty Me, Pictures

Saturday was a scrappin’ day.

I started the day by driving up to Laurie’s, so we could check out a scrapbook store near her, Recollections. We spent entirely too much time and money there, so had to grab lunch at the Wendy’s drive-thru, before picking up my car and caravaning over to Sandy’s.

Once at Sandy’s, we looked through our loot again, and checked out the pages each other had done since our last scrapping Saturday, then finally got down to scrapping. I worked on my Egypt pictures from our cruise last month. Laurie did a spread of Connor at the beach. And Sandy plowed ahead of both of us on her pictures from 2004.

Sandy deep in Scrappin'  Me Scrappin' at Sandy's  Laurie Scrappin' at Sandy's

Here are a couple of our results:
Laurie's awesome creation - II  Great Pyramids - Spread 2

A fun, fun way to spend a rainy Saturday!

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Quiet Weekend

Posted by barb on Apr 17, 2006 in Crafty Me, Games, Pictures

After the hellish week I had, we decided to have a quiet weekend at home. We rented a couple of PS2 games (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and X-Files: Resist or Serve), and I gamed much of Friday, since I’d already put in more than my 30 hours.

Harry Potter was quite fun, though we came close to defeating the game by the end of Saturday. (We had gotten to Voldemort, but didn’t quite defeat him – we didn’t try again, but most of the fun of the game was done.) Goblet of Fire can be played by two players simultaneously for many of the levels – not the Tri-Wizard challenges or final fight with Voldemort, but all other levels. So, Andrew and I were able to play together, which I think is the first time we’ve done that. I can hardly wait to pull out Tak and Lok and play that with Andrew.

The rest of the weekend I spent scrapbooking. I finished up the “Wedding Odds ‘n’ Ends” book that I’d been working on. Here are a few of the spreads I did:
Wedding Odds 'N' Ends Scrapbook spread  Wedding Odds 'N' Ends Scrapbook spread  Wedding Odds 'N' Ends Scrapbook spread

You can check out all of my scrapbook photos on Flickr. Next up? The eclipse cruise scrapbook!

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Scrappin’ with Laurie

Posted by barb on Mar 14, 2006 in Crafty Me, Pictures

Last night Laurie came over to scrapbook. Normally we wouldn’t be able to get together on a “school night”, but she was in my part of town for some training and came over after her class.

We immediately made a large mess of scrapbooking supplies in my living room:
Our big scrapbooking mess

(This picture does not do justice to the amount of stuff we had strewn about the living room – maybe Laurie’s pictures will show it better)

Most of my scrapbooking is done solo, and I have to admit that I loved having someone else there to poke for ideas. Laurie worked on a page of Connor’s “first sit”, and I worked on a wedding rehearsal spread. Here she is laying out her page:
Laurie laying out her page

And here are our results:
Laurie's completed page   My completed page

We’re not going to be able to get together again until April, and I can hardly wait!

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Scrapping Weekend

Posted by barb on Feb 21, 2006 in Crafty Me, Pictures

I spent much of this long weekend scrapbooking. Saturday Sandy and I got together with Laurie to introduce her to the fine world of scrapbooking. Though, we didn’t actually get much scrapbooking done – we spent almost all of our time together shopping (!).

Sunday, though, I started working on my “Wedding Odds ‘n’ Ends” book (honeymoon, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, girls getting ready, etc.). My previous wedding books were all done in blues and yellows (our wedding colors), but this album I finally got to start using some of my other fun papers. Here’s a picture of Sunday’s creation (it says “Becoming Beautiful…Isn’t Pretty):
Becoming Beautiful  Isn't Pretty

That spread took forever to make – I’m noticing that each spread I work on is getting more and more elaborate. I’ll need to start dialing it back if I expect to ever get caught up in my pictures!

Yesterday was a government holiday, so I spend the day scrapbooking and watching 24 DVDs. I finished 4 more spreads (working nearly all day!):
At the hairdresser  Getting Dressed
Bachelorette Party  Bachelorette Party



Scrapbooking Basics

Posted by barb on Feb 13, 2006 in Crafty Me

A few weeks ago, Laurie asked if Sandy and I would scrapbook with her. She had gone to the craft store to pick up stuff to start a scrapbook for her son (who’s now almost 2). While there, she was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff, and wasn’t even sure where to start.

We haven’t gotten together yet (next Saturday), but since then, I’ve been looking at my scrapbooking supplies and trying to categorize what I have as “necessary”, “fun to have”, and “a waste of money”. I thought I’d outline some of my results here – maybe someone out there is having similar trouble, and this list might help you get started. I should make the warning that the following is just one person’s opinion – if anyone out there wants to add anything to my lists, or argue with how I’ve categorized them, feel free to chime in down in the comments.

Necessary Scrapbooking Supplies


You can argue that you can do scrapbooking without the scrapbook, but eventually you’ll want something to put your creations in. The main decision here will be the size of the scrapbook and how its bound. I always use the 12″ × 12″ books, though if I were to make a gift book for someone, I might consider a smaller book. Currently I’m using the “strap-bound” books, but I’d rather use the “post-bound” ones. Why? The refill pages for the strap-bound books require that I trim about half an inch off of the standard 12″ × 12″ papers for them to fit in the top-loading page protectors. The post-bound pages that I’ve done did not require any trimming.

Extra Pages

The scrapbooks only come with a few pages, so you’ll need some extra pages – the number will depend on how many pages you want in the book (up to a certain limit, of course). I generally buy the top-loading page protectors, which allows me to make pages on separate 12″ × 12″ pages, and then insert them in the order I want. The pages can also be pulled out of the protectors and re-arranged, if I discover more pictures or want to move the page to a different album.


These come in a myriad of designs. I’ve got lots of paper, and find that I never quite have what I need. One big lesson that I’ve learned is that in addition to the cutesy papers, buy a collection of plain colors – either a pack of random colors, or buy coordinating colors for each of the cutesy pages that you buy. These are what you’ll make frames, tags and borders out of. Another lesson is that instead of just picking one design, buy a few from the same collection – these often go well together and will also be great for frames and borders.


It’s important to have acid-free, photo-safe adhesives. I have quite a variety, and when I wonder if I need them all, I realize that I actually use them all for different parts of the pages I do. Adhesives I have:

  • photo tape: for tacking down pictures
  • glue stick: for tacking down papers and adornments
  • glue pen: for gluing ribbons or small strips of paper
  • glue with a wide tip: for gluing larger pieces (this one kind of overlaps with the glue stick, but I still like having both)


I have a couple pairs of regular scissors – one large pair and one small pair. These are both used only for scrapbooking, so that the edges stay sharp and are good for doing detailed work with paper.


Again, photo-safe and acid-free are the keys here. These are used for marking photos to cut, but also to “journal” on the pages

Paper Trimmer

I’m not sure if this should go under “necessary” or just “nice to have”, but I use it everytime I scrapbook, and I can’t imagine trying to scrapbook without it, so I’ve put it in the “necessary” list. Technically, you can get by without one, but I highly recommend it. This is perfect for cropping pictures and trimming down the 12″ × 12″ sheets to fit in the strap-bound page protectors.

Read more…



Wondering where I’ve been?

Posted by barb on Jan 30, 2006 in Crafty Me, Pictures

I haven’t been blogging much – if you can believe it, I’ve had better things to do (!) I’ve had many blogging ideas, but instead, have been spending my evenings on scrapbooking our wedding reception (it’s only been a year and four months, maybe I should wait longer 🙂

Here are a few pics of what I’ve been up to:

Wedding Reception Scrapbook -- Intro page   Wedding Reception Scrapbook -- Spread 1
Wedding Reception Scrapbook -- Spread 2   Wedding Reception Scrapbook -- Spread 3
Wedding Reception Scrapbook -- Spread 4


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