The Importance of Being Ernest

Posted by barb on May 3, 2003 in Movies |

3/5 stars

While I’m certain I haven’t seen this version of The Importance of Being Ernest before, I’m sure I’ve either seen another version or actually read the book. I don’t think I read the book, because I remember another section of my English class reading it, while my section read something else. I also can’t remember having seen a version before. Perhaps there is another movie out there based on the story?

Anyway, it was a fun 2-hour diversion. Two men each have a second personality, each with the name Ernest. Jack uses his “brother” Ernest, who has fallen into some bad times, to escape his country house and got to the city as another person. Algy uses his make-believe invalid friend, Mr. Bunberry, to escape the city (and his aunt). But Jack’s Ernest becomes engaged to Cecily, and Algy pretends to be Jack’s brother Ernest come to visit Jack’s country home.

Fun movie.

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