Arlington Planetarium

Posted by barb on Oct 12, 2003 in Wedding |

The Arlington Planetarium was actually quite nice, and is a good candidate for the wedding site.

A few things:

  • The planetarium seats 71. This may not quite be enough, since our guest list is currently at 67, and if we think of anyone else to invite, or if our parents request any other invitees, then we could be in trouble. In fact, we already know that we’d like to invite our respective music teachers, so that’s possibly 4 more people.
  • The seating is all facing front, rather than concentric, which is much better for a wedding.
  • It would be nice if we didn’t have to use the first row of seats (2 seats on either side of the aisle), because that would be very cramped.
  • There were no really bad seats in the house — though there were a couple with partial views.
  • There are a couple tables up front, which could probably be moved, but we would want to ask the director about that.
  • There isn’t much room in the front area, so it could be difficult to have a live musician for the processional and recessional — though it might be possible to have someone play as part of the service, if we put them in the aisle near the projector.
  • There is a black board up front that we would want to cover with something — a poster? a swath of celestial cloth?
  • There is a mural painted in the hallway/entryway outside the main planetarium, which could be used as a celestial backdrop for pictures, if we wanted.
  • The planetarium is very close to the Ballston area, where we could probably find a nice hotel for the reception.

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