Winged Migration

Posted by barb on Nov 8, 2003 in Movies |

4/5 stars

The filmmakers followed birds migrating in both the northern and southern hemispheres over four years, and compiled the result into this film. This is not so much a documentary as a visual delight. The narrator interrupts the flow the the birds’ flights only occasionally, allowing the viewer to absorb the beauty and strength involved in such trans country and trans world flights.

Occasionally, I found that I wanted more information on why the birds were doing what they were doing. For example, one species of crane was shown throwing their heads and necks all the way back to their back and clucking. This was often followed or preceded by two or more birds jumping at each other and clicking beaks. I wondered if ornithologists had theories as to what the behavior signified. Mating dominance? Didn’t seem like it. Social behavior? Perhaps, but it occasionally seemed combative.

Overall, though, a visually compelling film.

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