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Posted by barb on Jan 29, 2004 in Wedding |

We’ve been making plans for the wedding around holding the ceremony at the Arlington Planetarium. It seemed like a good idea to call the planetarium director to see if we could really do this.

A few things we discussed:

  • If the public shows are running, we would need to be out an hour before the evening show (Saturday), or couldn’t schedule the wedding for an hour after the second afternoon show (Sunday). However, the public shows usually don’t start until October, so if we have the wedding in September, the schedule should be fairly open.
  • The fire marshall says that no more than 70 people can be in the room, so we will have to honor that.
  • We should visit the planetarium before the end of the school year to determine if there is anything special that we will need to make the wedding work. Classes are out by 2:15 PM, so after that would be best.
  • Caveat: The seats are supposed to be replaced by the end of the summer. However, this is a government operation, which are notorious for slipping. The director doesn’t think this will be a problem, since he will insist that the work be done before the school year starts, but thought he should mention it lest Murphy’s Law kick in.

Interestingly enough, two other couples have, in the past, asked about holding their weddings a the planetarium. In one case the wedding was postponed, and in the other, the couple ran off to Las Vegas to get married. That means that ours will be the first. Cool!

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