Blanket Bears Aplenty

Posted by barb on Mar 7, 2004 in Crafty Me, Pictures |

About a year and a half ago, my brother showed me a blanket bear that his mother-in-law had bought for my niece. He asked if I could make her another one, because she had become so attached to it, they were worried about what would happen if something happened to the bear. I’ve since made her two more, so she has three, and she’s very attached to both of them.

Once, when my sister-in-law and niece were at a small shop in Bloomington, MN (where I grew up), the owner asked where they had gotten the bear. She told my sister-in-law that if I ever wanted to sell them, that she would happily buy some.

Well, I decided not to do that — it takes too much time to make the bears for me to make any actual money. Instead, I will stick to making them for friends and family. To that end, I finished three this weekend — one for my friend Melissa’s best friend, one for my aunt’s daughter-in-law, and one for the next member of the Mattson clan. Here’s a picture of them:

Blanket Bears

I have three more that I’m making for another friend. I’ll post pictures when I’m done with those, too.

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