Cicada Count

Posted by barb on May 21, 2004 in Random Thoughts |

Sitings: 34

  • Sunday, May 16, saw my first one on my front stoop (after it bounced off my head); total: 1
  • Monday, May 17, saw one on the path behind the house while taking out the trash, and a second flying around out front; total: 3
  • Thursday, May20, saw one flying around the officiant’s neighborhood as we made our way to his house; total: 4
  • Friday, May 21, saw way too many:

    • One near the shed outside the trailer I work in; total: 5
    • One flying around the parking lot at work; total: 6
    • Three flying around by the ramp from the Goddard campus to the parkway; total: 9
    • 16 while driving on the beltway home (traffic was really slow, or I wouldn’t have seen any (I watched #24 fly into the front passenger-side of a Jeep, bounce off and then bounce into the car behind the Jeep); total: 25
    • 9 driving on I-66 on the last leg home (again, traffic was backed-up or I would have been going to fast to see any)

    total: 34

I stupidly hoped that I could get by without seeing any, but knew that wouldn’t work. Fortunately, only three of them have been non-flying sitings. Somehow they seem fairly harmless when they’re flying (though if one gets stuck in my hair or bra, I may change my tune about the flying ones). But when they’re just sitting there, and I can see their freakish red eyes, I get the creeps.

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