Supersize Me

Posted by barb on May 8, 2004 in Movies |

4/5 stars

Morgan Spurlock decided to see what would happen if he ate only McDonald’s food for a month. He decided on a few simple rules: he could neither eat nor drink anything that was not sold at a McDonald’s, he had to eat three meals a day, he had to try everything on the menu at least once, and he would only supersize the meal if asked.

Interspersed with his culinary quest, he interviews various experts on fast food — including the lawyer behind some of the McDonald’s obesity law suits. He spirls into depression and poor health in just a couple weeks. His mood is elevated each time he eats, only to crash again once he finishes his meal — a clear sign of an addiction.

This was an entertaining documentary — on par with Bowling for Columbine. Definitely worth a watch.

Note: I’m vegetarian, and so have not actually eaten McDonald’s food for over a decade. I do, however, occasionally enjoy a veggie burger from Burger King, a vegetarian burrito from Chipotle (which, sigh, is owned by McDonald’s), or a veggie sub from Subway.

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Jun 10, 2004 at 4:11 pm

only a idiot would let himself do that…u can eat in mcd’s but then u should have the brain to work out too…i dont see the point of the movie…it only shows the americans are bigger idiots than the rest of the world…that they ready to blame everyone else for what they are than blame themsleves


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