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2.5/5 stars

I didn’t actually know much about this film when we rented it, though I did know it was set in Berlin in the 30s and that it was a musical (originally a play, I assumed). Sally is a performer at the Kit Kat Club in Berlin — an American with dreams of becoming a famous actress. Brian is an English student in persuit of his PhD from Cambridge, in Berlin as part of his research. They meet when he rents a room at the same boarding house as Sally.

Ostensibly, this is a love story, with oddly placed comments about the Nazis. Frankly, it was just plain weird. I’m ready to rent a few “normal” movies for a change….I need a break from all the weirdness we’ve been renting (i.e. The Great Escape, James and the Giant Peach, and now this).

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