Spiderman 2

Posted by barb on Jul 18, 2004 in Movies |

4/5 stars

This second Spiderman movie is one of those rare examples of a sequel being just as good (and possibly better) than the original. The story was strong, the villian was fun, and the direction and acting quite good. The effects were better than the first movie, with a more seamless blend between the CGI spiderman and the background scenery.

It struck me how frequently the prideful scientist becomes the villian in comic book movies. I suppose I knew it prior to this movie, but the movie served as a reminder. I don’t actually know very many scientists who are that arrogant, and very few work comepletely alone as Octavius, so it’s a bit unbelievable that someone like him would be permitted to conduct his experiments without extensive checks from other scientists. But, this is not real life, and I was more than able to push my “I believe” button, and get caught up in the story.

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