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We’re back from the honeymoon…it did not last long enough, but at least we were able to get some down-time. We stayed at Creek Crossing Farm, a bed & breakfast in Lincoln, Virginia, just a couple miles from where the W&OD trail ends/begins. We took our bikes and went out a couple times, and we took our books and read a lot.

Creek Crossing Farm, farm house  Old barn foundation

Our room


The beginning (or end) of the W&OD trail on our first day
We started the day with a wonderful breakfast of fresh scrambled eggs, toast and fried apples. Then we hopped in the car with our bikes and went out for our first bike ride in a long time. Unfortunately we had forgotten that one of my migraine triggers is the sudden cessation of stress. Yup. About 3.5 miles out my vision started to fuzz out. We turned around, and biked back to the car as my vision fuzzed in and out. By the time we reached the car, the headache had started, though I did pop some Tylenol on the trail (I’m never far from a source of aspirin or acetaminaphen).

Darth Vader out of Legos

I was feeling stubborn, though, and only slept for an hour when we got back to the B&B. Then we went off to town to get lunch and check out the shops. In Purcellville, we stopped in a couple shops. One was a toy store with way cool toys, including some mint in-the-package toy sets from Raiders of the Lost Ark. There was also a full-sized Lego Darth Vader there (not for sale).

Me with one of the many cats and one of the many dogs at the B&B

Then we went down the street to Final Draft, a used book store. I found a couple more books for Banned Books Week and Andrew even picked up a Bookcrossing book. When I mentioned Banned Books Week to the clerk, she looked up the website and list of 100 most challenged books of 1990-2000, and commented on how many of the summer reading books for the local school were on the list.

After the bookstore, we drove the ~10 miles to Leesburg to check out the shops and restaurants there. (We had almost exhausted the restaurants in Purcellville.) We went into a few of the shops on King Street, and then stopped for dinner at an Italian place, also on King.

In the evening we went back to the farm and vegged in front of the TV with the dogs and cats of the house.


Our second try out on the W&OD
Another great breakfast started the day — this time waffles and fried apples. Yum! The we packed up the bikes for our second attempt at the W&OD trail. This ride went better. We went 15.4 miles round-trip! Our longest ride so far. On our return trip we stopped at a picnic table in Purcellville for a picnic. I took lots of pictures of the ride, which can be seen in my photo album.

We went back to the farm after our ride, showered and napped for a little while. Then we walked up to the Goose Creek Burial Grounds, which were about half a mile up the road from the farm. There was a wide range of gravesites there, ranging from as recent as 2003 to as old as the 1700s.

Goose Creek Burying Ground gates  Grave markers

In the evening we popped up to Purcellville for dinner, then back to the farm to veg out with the animals in front of the TV again.


If we had many more breakfasts like we did at the farm, we’d be 500 pounds in a year! This morning we had buckwheat pancakes and more fried apples. Then we packed up the car, and started back home stopping in Middleburg on the way. Middleburg had a wonderful Main Street filled with shops. We shopped for a couple hours, had lunch at a deli just off the main street, shopped for a bit longer, and then hopped in the car and drove home.

Wonderful, relaxing few days.

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