I, Robot

Posted by barb on Oct 10, 2004 in Movies |

2/5 stars

Glad we waited until this came to the cheap movie theater — it was not good. I think part of my problem was with the acting. In particular, I didn’t like the portrayal of Lawrence Robertson, the rich robot tycoon, and I wasn’t convinced of Bridget Moynahan’s stiff Dr. Calvin. Moynahan seemed to grab onto the role was the character became more likable, but by then the damage had been done.

I’m not burdoned by having read Asimov’s work that this is based on, but from the credit (“Suggested by Asimov’s work), I’m guessing it’s no where near what he wrote. I have it on my to-read shelf, and am looking forward to reading the “good version.”

This might be worth a rental, but don’t bother seeing it in the theater.

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