Pictures from the Photographer!

Posted by barb on Oct 14, 2004 in Wedding |

We met with the photographer and his wife this evening to pick up our proof-prints of the wedding! We are very pleased with the resulting pictures, especially the ones from the ceremony. We were worried that none of the pictures from the ceremony would turn out, since we had the lights dimmed for the stars to show in the planetarium. However, Tom and Tess did a great job with their cameras, with limited use of the flash (only used 4 times during the ceremony), and with directing the wedding party to stand still so that the pictures had a chance of turning out.

This one was taken with natural light (the light of three candle-lanterns and the officiant’s book light):
Wedding ceremony in a planetarium

Another fun picture with the stormtrooper cut-out:
Andrew protecting me from the stormtrooper

And pictures of the bubble send-off, which are the first pictures of that we’ve seen!
Bubble send-off

We’re very happy with the pictures, and are looking forward to picking pictures for albums and scrapbooking in the upcoming days/weeks.

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