The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

Posted by barb on Jan 25, 2005 in Movies |

4/5 stars

This movie is a spoof of B-movies. Betty and Paul (a scientist) travel to a remote cabin in the woods to track down a meteorite which is sure to be rich in atmospherium. The cabin happens to be near a cave which, legend has it, is home to the lost skeleton of Cadavra (whatever that is). Dr. Roger Flemming is seeking out the skeleton as part of a plan to take over the world (cue maniacal laughter). On top of all that, a spaceship crashs in the woods nearby, and the pet mutant gets lose. This is all a recipe for a great B-movie!

The movie was a lot of fun. The acting was, well, B-movie, but B-movie on purpose. The dialog usually stayed just shy of being too over-the-top, although occasionally a gag was held for just a smidge too long.

A couple of my favorite lines:

  • Dr. Paul Armstrong: Betty, you know what this meteor could mean to science. It could mean actual advances in the field of science.
  • Dr. Paul Armstrong: Ranger Brad, I’m a scientist, I don’t believe in anything.
  • Dr. Paul Armstrong: I don’t understand. Why does she need an Amish terrarium?
    Betty Armstrong: Don’t the Amish live in open air, like us?
    Dr. Paul Armstrong: Of course, Betty, it’s absurd. Putting the Amish in glass cases would be inhumane.


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