The Bride

Posted by barb on Feb 25, 2005 in Movies |

2.5/5 stars

I’ll confess that I added this to our Netflix queue because it starred Sting. No, he’s not the best actor, but he’s pretty to look at. I didn’t really know much about the story except that it was vaguely related to Frankenstein and involved his creation of a female companion for his “monster”.

In the end it was a “not bad, not great” retelling of the story of Dr. Frankenstein. In this version, Frankenstein constructs a bride for his monster, but she scares the monster away and becomes a ward of Frankenstein. He decides to mold her into an independent woman, contrary to the standards for women of the day. But when she becomes too independent, Dr. Frankenstein resents her.

I probably wouldn’t watch it again, but was a decent distraction for an evening.


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