Even crazy-thesis-ladies get a break from their thesis every once and a while

Posted by barb on Mar 3, 2008 in Crafty Me |

I haven’t been scrapping with Laurie in a long time, so we decided to get together in February around her birthday. Sadly, Laurie’s household was all sick with the flu when our scrapping date came around, so we postponed until this past weekend. I spent *all day* Saturday up at Laurie’s house. Really, all day. I think Laurie was sick of me by the time she kicked my arse out, but, hey, it’s her fault for not kicking me out sooner.

For part of the time Laurie’s friend Kirsten joined us – she’s new to scrapping, so we had to show her some things that she *needs* to waste…er, invest, her money and time on to improve her scrapping.

Felicia also came along, since I was starting on her scrapbook. She and Ruby helped out with our scrapbooks.

Felicia scrapbooking  Ruby scrapbooking

Here are a couple of my completed pages:
Felicia's album page 5-6  Felicia's album page 7-8

I was very naughty on Sunday, and continued scrapping instead of working on my thesis. Oh well, at least I feel nice and refreshed and ready for writing this week. (That actually was not sarcastic, though it might have been hard to tell.)

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Mar 3, 2008 at 10:15 pm

Honey, your pages just keep getting better and better!!

Mar 4, 2008 at 11:56 am

I had the best time! These pages look awesome, and I was there for the real thing! You are one cool scrapper. I can’t wait until your thesis is done and we can do it more often – after April, we may have to make a standing date (i.e. once a month or something!). My post to come soon, but now I don’t have to write much at all. I’ll just link to you! 😉 (ha ha) And no, I wanted you to stay the night and scrap with me on Sunday, which by the way, I did! I am now re-addicted. Hugs and let me know when you need your next scrappin break. This time I come down to you!


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