A tour of my gingerbread lion habitat

Posted by barb on Dec 28, 2010 in Crafty Me, Pictures |

View of final entry - front

That last post was more of a reference for me so that when I do another gingerbread project, probably next year, I’ll remember what recipes I used and a few tips on what worked. Now, I want to give just a quick tour of my final gingerbread lion habitat – heavy on images, light on text.

The primary purpose of the habitat was to house the seven new lion cubs, so I made all seven of them, along with their moms.

One interacting with a visitor and one sleeping:
Cub with a visitor in the lookoutSleeping cub

Two were wresting and on was playing with a ball:
Wrestling cubsCub playing with a ball

One was playing with Mom and a “fire hose”, and one about to pounce on her sleeping Mom
Two lions playing with a "firehose"Pouncing cub

The lions needed a place to eat and drink, so I put the food in a animal rib cage, water in a boring trough:
Food station

For the visitors, I had a “savannah lookout”:
Lady in the top of the lookoutTop of the lookout

And I made a few visitors to see the cute cubs:
VisitorsVisitor looking through a telescope

Finally, I wanted to spruce up the final entry, so I added a few decorative touches:
Wall paintingsPaintings on the walls


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